Tree and Shrub Care Our comprehensive, legendary and affordable plan will do several things for you…

Root zone or deep root zone feeding

Winterization (cold weather coating)

Horticultural Oils Spring and Fall

Our basic 5 to 7 step package

Early Spring Root Base Fertilization

This all- natural granular application is applied onto the plant’s root base area. The nutrients contained in this application are meant to promote greenness, flowering and growth to the top of the ornamentals (without promoting excessive overgrowth).

 Spring Horticultural Oil Spray

This all- natural liquid solution controls over-wintering eggs, immature and adult insects by applying thin natural oil film.  This film will suffocate insects and their eggs.  The optimum time to apply this application is early to mid spring. Especially important for controlling mite damage.

Early, Mid and Late Summer Insect protection

These are the only ornamental applications that ARE NOT all natural. But we are committed to using I.P.M. or Integrated Pest Management. In other words; if there is not a targeted pest we will not spray it! Typically two or three treatments 4-6 weeks apart during the season will control most insect problems. (OPTIONAL due to pesticide use)

Fall Root Base Fertilization

This all natural granular, sulfur-coated, slow release application promotes root strength and development and overall health of your ornamentals. The nutrients provided in this application are fundamental for trees and shrubs recovering from summer heat stress.  The plants will store the slow release nutrients for winter protection.

Winterization of Plants “Anti-Desiccant”

This all natural or “chap stick” liquid application, applied late in the fall, protects most evergreens from (winter) drying out (yellow and brown leaves) and burning. Also Rhody’s and other evergreens look very nice and shiny for the holidays!