Lawn Care

The program below is an example of what we would provide for an average to good lawn. We know each lawn has different needs and challenges. Therefore, we may suggest additional applications or services so your turf may realize its maximum potential year to year.

Our mission at Turf Technologies is to constantly strive to customize a lawn care program that produces the best results for your lawn. As results may vary due to weather conditions and cultural practices, please allow us the patience that it may require to give you the lawn you’ll be proud of.


Standard Program

Aeration (Spring & Fall)

This process involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction.  Core Aeration brings up weed seeds from lower levels as well.  Water your lawn a few extra times after this process as well, especially during hot or dry times.

Early Spring Fertilization

This granular, balanced nutritional application provides the early season nutrients required to safely emerge the lawn out of winter dormancy and promote a rapid spring green up. Pre-Emergent Weed and Crabgrass controls may be applied during this visit. (weather permitting)

Spring Fertilization

This granular application encourages grass plant development, greenness and growth. The nitrogen content will continue to maintain a deep, healthy green color. Pre-Emergent Weed and Crabgrass controls can be applied again or applied for the first time. Selective Broadleaf Weed controls will be applied as needed. It is our preference to Spot Spray weeds. A Liquid application may be used depending on the lawn condition. (weather permitting)

Early Summer Fertilization

This granular application continues the supply of nutrients into the lawn to maintain color and density. Broadleaf and Summer annual weeds will be spot sprayed as needed. (weather permitting)

Grub Control

This one time (per year) granular application, applied from mid-May through mid-August, of Merit prevents the development of grubs for the entire season. Guaranteed!

Summer Guard Fertilization

This granular, sulfur-coated, slow release (will not burn) application helps the lawn survive summer stress. As moisture becomes available, the sulfur-coated particles are dissolved and nutrients are slowly released. Spot spray weeds as needed. This fertilizer may be organic.* (weather permitting)

Late Summer Fertilization

This granular application helps the grass plant recover from the stresses of summer heat and drought. The nutrients provided help prepare the lawn for the active growth of the upcoming fall season. Remaining weeds are spot sprayed. (weather permitting) This fertilizer may be organic.* (weather permitting)

Fall Fertilization

This low nitrogen, organic*, high potassium, granular application promotes root growth and development. Spot spray weeds. (weather permitting)


As lime has many benefits (micro-nutrients, acid reduction etc.) to New England soil our preference is to provide a Spring and a Fall application for maximum soil amendments.


This low nitrogen, high potassium granular application promotes root growth and development. The nutrients contained build up the lawn’s resistance to future disease and fungus attacks, and provides your turf with an early spring green up.


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